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"Elevating healthcare through innovation and compassion" 

About Incia

Incia is an Associate Consultant at BoardWalk Group, driven by a profound fascination with healthcare and an unwavering commitment to improving lives through innovative solutions. With a dynamic background spanning over three years of service across multiple health tech startups, Incia has carved her path in the intersection of technology and mental well-being. 


With a strong foundation in research, Incia has honed her skills in translating scientific insights into actionable strategies. Her journey has fortified her abilities in effective communication, problem-solving, and fostering collaborative environments. Drawing from her experience, she approaches client projects with a unique problem-solving methodology, ensuring each challenge transforms into an opportunity for growth. 

Incia has an honors Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology from the University of Toronto. 


In her free time, Incia enjoys travelling and cooking with friends.  

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