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“Making meaningful differences in everyday lives.”

About Alisha

Alisha is a dedicated professional with a strong focus on enhancing the performance and impact of health and social service organizations, systems, services, and processes to improve people's lives. With a Doctor of Philosophy in Population Medicine/Epidemiology and over 8 years of experience in research, evaluation, and project management across various sectors, including mental health, end-of-life care, and long-term care, she brings a unique skill set to her work.

Drawing on her extensive research background, Alisha seamlessly incorporates an evidence-based approach into her work, ensuring effective decision-making and positive outcomes for organizations and communities. Her broad sector experience allows her to adopt a holistic perspective, considering strategy, impact, and sustainability in a way that aligns with the perspectives and needs of those organizations serve.

A passionate advocate for lifelong learning, Alisha actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with others and share her expertise. Her genuine enthusiasm for acquiring and exchanging knowledge contributes to her continuous professional growth.

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