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If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go with COMMUNITY

Community Consultants

Globally we are facing increasingly complex social, health, and well-being challenges. We are seeing aging societies living in isolation with chronic conditions, facing deepening inequities and economic instability. 

The community sector - including health, social, and not-for-profit services - plays a crucial role in navigating these challenges and helping people live long, high-quality lives. 

At BoardWalk Group we walk alongside community organizations, integrated networks, and policymakers, acting as consultants, advisors, and collaborators

We aim to strengthen and amplify the community sector supporting them to play a vital role in improving societal health and well-being.

Support Group

Our Approach

We bring a values-based approach to our work, keeping people and communities at the centre of our work. 

We Care

We make your mission our mission, keeping it at the centre of our work.

We Strategically Advise

Our diverse experience ensures bridge system thinking with on-the-ground realities to drive practical solutions to complex problems.

We Iterate and Adapt

We create tailored and iterative approaches to ensure we are we achieve sustained outcomes.

We Are Equity-Driven

We ensure our work is human-centered, equity-driven, and evidence-based.

Our Services

We customize our services to meet your needs. We can support budgets big and small, finding the right approach for you.

Designing strategies that can be translated into actions. Including: 

  • Current State Assessment

  • Future State Visioning

  • Strategic Plan Development

  • Strategy Roadmap & Delivery

The Wall of Ideas_edited.jpg

Program & service implementation and improvement. Including:

  • Program/Service Review & Optimization

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • implementation & Quality Improvement

  • Change Management

  • Evaluation

  • Sustainability Planning

Group project assembly

Building governance to support efficient & effective decision-making. Including:

  • Governance Reviews

  • Policy & Process Reviews

  • Accountability Structure Recommendations

Team Meeting

Individual & group coaching and education sessions customized to your needs. Topics Include:

  • Quality Improvement

  • Learning Health Systems

  • Change Management

  • Partnership Development

  • Integrated Care

  • Inclusive Design


Our Shared History

In 2020, we found ourselves amidst a global pandemic with new babies. While adjusting to motherhood, we bonded during socially distant walks along the boardwalk in Toronto, Ontario. During this time we found our conversations quickly moved from first foods and sleep schedules to community health transformation and innovations. Each week, we kept coming back to the same big question: how do you scale bottom-up innovation with sustainable system change. 

Over our careers in the health system, we have observed that major transformation and system change are commonly forced from the top-down. This results in slow moving and costly implementations with minimal returns. Equally, grassroots innovations often result in pockets of excellence that are rarely scaled and sustained. 

We founded two sister companies, OneMosaic Consulting and BoardWalk Group that collaborate together to bring a holistic approach to help communities, systems, private sector, and not-for-profits bridge the gap between grassroots innovation and system strategy.

We look forward to working with you!


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Toronto, Ontario


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